Being Mortal

A great read for any adult, but especially those who have aging parents. This book is a must read for anyone in the medical field.

The likelihood that most of us will die suddenly or quickly becomes more remote with every new medical advance. This book will help any reader start to understand what type of life we are willing to have and what disabilities we can live with in our twilight years.

Edge of Sports - Mick Foley

If you are unaware, Mick Foley is a former pro-wrestler, and Tori Amos is an accomplished musician. Mick Foley talks with the host of one of my new favorite podcasts Edge of Sports with Dave Zirin about many things, but the guiding topic is RAINN - Rape Abuse Incest National Network.

I love this podcast, and it is not because I love sports. Most of the athletes (like Mr. Foley) I know almost nothing about. However, it is great to hear fantastic stories of athletes doing inspiring work around a host of important issues. Athletes using their intellect, passion, and sometimes fame to make a positive difference in our world.

Vanguard of the Revolution

The Black Panthers have been all over the news I am seeing. it seemed to start with Beyonce’s SuperBowl performance, then there was this podcast in anticipation of the upcoming documentary, and Ta-NehIsi Coates just wrote an article in The Atlantic about them as well. Well, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther articles is actually about him writing the new comic book (which I’m excited about)!!!


I have been a long time listener of RadioLab. They have a wonderful mixture of storytelling that generally includes fun and interesting sound production. This episode is about debate club, which is something I have never really understood. After listening to this episode, I feel like a know enough to have a small appreciation for what it is and a small understanding of what is actually happening in a debate! Of course, I am sharing this episode because it addresses social justice issues.

The Souls of Black Folk

If it is not, it certainly should have been a seminal work and foundation for limiting racism and prejudice in America. W.E.B Dubois wrote a masterpiece that depicts life for the African American at the beginning of the 20th Century, and a level of insight that is so difficult to grasp without the benefit of great hindsight.