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Best Enjoyed By - 99% Invisible

What it is about:

This podcast is about the expiration dates on labels and what they actually mean, but overall 99PI is a Design Podcast. The topics are truly all over the board. I have listened to podcasts on flag design, the carpet in Portland’s airport, how those missing children milk cartons came about, and Penn Station in New York City.

Why I Like it:

I think it is interesting to learn about how things come to be, what is wrong with the design, and sometimes ideas to fix it.

What I Learned Today:

Today I learned that there are people literally starving and we are throwing away very edible food, but it is awesome that eliminating food waste is something that the Environmental Protection Agency and United States Department of Agriculture are working on.

Personal Note:

I have never been a label person. For instance, here in Thailand Susan and I have eaten salad dressing that was open when we arrived and has an expiration date of April 28, 2014. We put it back in the fridge. A joke I have employed for years is “I try and eat questionable food out of my refrigerator at least once a month!!”