A Dream Remembered

A dream Remembered?: Martin Luther King Jr and the Grassroots Civil Rights Movement - Mr. Gary Younge

KPFA - Making Contact

Length: 30 minutes

What it is about:

The story behind Martin Luther King Jr’s speech at the March on Washington.

Items of interest to me:

The impressive number of countries that became liberated from apartheid in the years prior to the March on Washington.

I love the way that Mr. Younge sets the stage and the atmosphere both nationally and abroad that led to the march.

To hear American segregation called apartheid for the first time.

On the personal side:

As a one-time organizer of a college graduation and a marathoner, I recognize the extreme difficulty of logistically planning events that include masses of people. I thought it was fun to hear about the logistical problems of the march and how they overcame not actually leading to still take iconic photographs.

What struck me: 

It is always interesting to hear a story in a new way. Most of what I know of this era is from textbooks or recent movies like Selma. I felt like I was getting a privileged ‘behind the scenes’ look, a wholly new perspective, and a glimpse of the relationship between time and history.

Hope you enjoy the talk and give yourself some time to process your thoughts.

My final note:

I think we still have gotta begin to ask questions about the whole society.