Democracy Now! promotes movie, but there are interesting parts!

What it is:

Democracy Now! is a daily news show that discusses current events from what most would consider "a liberal perspective". I tend to find that this show is much more willing to be critical of liberal politicians than most liberal media.

Length: 60 minutes

but the following points were very interesting to me

  • 45:24 if you want the question and build-up, but at 46:01 as Ron Suskind ventures into SocialJustice for people with mental health diagnoses.

  • 53:50 - Roger Ross Williams (The Academy Award Winning Director) speaks brilliantly about a few of the problems with Hollywood and the Issues with the Academy. I only wish that he had been interviewed for more than 5 minutes.

As far as Democracy Now! goes, it is a pretty light episode. I caught up on the news and then enjoyed the extended discussions with Ron Suskind and his son Owen.

If you skip forward: After current news, this episode discusses the movie Life Animated, which is about the emergence and life of Ron Suskind's son Owen, who has Autism.