What It Is: 

"New Republic editor Jamil Smith explores how race, gender, and all the ways we identify ourselves and one another intersect. He brings in journalists, activists, politicians, and everyday folks like you to fuel the conversation" (Quote Source). You can find out more information here - Intersection

How Long: 50 minutes, but I have highlighted short sections.

Quick Summary:

A discussion of the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and their policies as candidates. This amazing episode is laden with thought provoking discussions about justice issues and how they are being played out in the media. Unlike what I usually hear in mainstream media, this episode highlights the real complexity of current issues in our society.

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Here is an excellent short discussion of democratic socialist, social democrat, and socialism. It is extremely helpful to understand the actual definition of the Sanders campaign position, and how it differs from Socialism - a term used in a misleading and derogatory way in American politics.


A discussion about identity politics and how they are influenced by injustices based on identity as expressed through the language and reaction of mainstream media and the populace, as it relates to Hillary Clinton`s identity.


A discussion of substantive and descriptive representation that is too brief, but absolutely fascinating.

30:40-38:52 Politics, Poverty, and Social Justice

An informed discussion about the Clinton and Sanders history, campaign, and proposals as they relate to poverty and racial justice. Again, the discussion moves into looking at injustice and language and how they mar the overall discussion. Even a look at how a discussion of progress can be categorized negatively.

38:53-46:00 Feminism

Here is a fruitful discussion about feminism, generational divide, and post-gender America. In making and listening to comparisons, I am trying to be better about discriminating whether the comparison is useful and healthy (i.e. keeping up with the Joneses versus deciding on a candidate), and this comparison is important because it is aimed at understanding the difference in cohorts. 42:20 I loved hearing the opinion about generational tensionand it`s healthy role in the society.