Edge of Sports - Mick Foley

Title: Mick Foley: Reach for the Ring & Smell the Roses Simultaneously

Length: 49 Minutes


What I Liked:

I enjoy Mick Foley's story of how he was called to RAINN and slowly became more actively involved with the organization over several years. I like how sometimes a small step is all it takes to find us in very unexpected territory.

I have not watched wresting since I was a child, but the passion with which they speak about wrestling and the issues within it make me smile. This podcast always has a nice balance of the pleasantly mundane and the socially conscious that acts as a microcosm for American society. This is a long way from my favorite episode, but it is a good example of positive media that I enjoy even when I know very little about the topic being discussed.

Feminists might like:

13:15 - Mick & Dave talk about feminism, sexism, and perhaps a progressive move in professional wrestling. However, being more sensitive to feminist issues is newer to me and this episode may still be problematic in ways I am unaware.

Racial Justice:

17:10 - A brief discussion of "progressive presentations of African Americans," and even a nice mention of the systemic problems in professional wrestling, and the path to progress.