What It Is: 

A podcast about minimalism, of course. Simplicity and minimalism are really two-sides of the same coin, but I might argue that simplicity is somehow a bit more ambiguous and therefore draws less negative reactions from people. I still use simplicity because I have rooms full of stuff in America and it is how Good Shepherd Volunteers introduced us to the concept.

What I like: 

They have been working at it for over 5 years, but it is really a non-pretentious podcast helping anyone listening answer the question “what is minimalism for me.” Okay, sometimes there is a little pretension, but overall they do an excellent job of talking about what works for them and ideas on how else to do things. But what they seem do best is to almost always start at square 1, the philosophies behind the actions or outcomes . Hint - the outcome is bigger than “having less stuff.” 

What else I have used: 

They refer to them often in the podcast, but the website has many excellent essays. The essays range in length, but they seem to be filled with good ideas on a variety of topics. I have only read 6 or 7 so far.

Unintentional Intention: 

I am finding that podcasts, unlike much of the escapist TV/movie watching I used to do, are a great way to engage my life. Listening to TheMinimalists is a time where I hear new perspectives and thoughts, but I also have time to reflect on my values, my belongings, my intentionality, and my happiness. I have only listened to the first five episodes, but I always come away with something positive. My life feels enriched for taking the time to contemplate my life with TheMinimalists and several other podcasters I enjoy.

Check It Out:

If it fits with your values, and you know someone else who might like it too, a great way to experience it is to listen and have a conversation shortly after. The conversation will probably veer off topic quickly, but the episodes are a great conversation stimulator and a great way to reflect on the substance you want to foster in your life. Everything seems to be free except their books, and the website is easy to navigate because it’s so......minimal!

Where to find it:


The Podcast on SoundCloud

The Podcast on Itunes

Their 15-minute Introduction to the Podcast