Important matters

Title: What really matters at the end of life

Speaker: BJ Miller


Length: 19 minutes

Who should watch: 

Everyone who is living, but healthcare providers should watch this at least twice!

How to watch: 

If you can, I recommend that you wait to watch this until you have a quiet moment with a loved one. I promise this will inspire a fruitful conversation.

Poignant Moment: 

There are too many to list, but one that stood out was at 11:35 he talks about how many people approach death. I hope the way he talks about it will echo in my daily life.

A quote:

On preparing for death - “...if we only had the support to figure out what is best for ourselves, overtime” (7:40). One of the inspiring aspects of where I am working is that it provides safety and security for our patients. Once they feel that their basic needs are met, many work toward becoming the person they desire to be.

How it relates to me today:

As I mentally prepare for the daunting prospect of providing hospice care for the first time, and doing it in a foreign country, this podcast shared insight, wisdom, and perspective.

At 8:20, he talks about an approach to acknowledging death that I am longing for today.

Last thought:

Hey Roman Mars and 99% Invisible (my favorite design podcast), he is speaking to you. Please do an episode on the healthcare system, other beautiful nerds must be able to fix this :) Oh, and please don’t coin check me, I’ve been in Thailand since August!

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