I try not to take many things in my life for granted, but inevitably I do. How can we be thankful for all that we have, all of the time? It's just impossible.

As Susan and I began the application process to volunteer in Thailand, we discussed the very real possibility that when we return from our service abroad, someone we love or care about may no longer be here; and we will not be able to return to mourn them. I face death on a regular basis and have a firm understanding and respect for how fast, fleeting, and random life - and its end - can be.

With a long blink of the eyes, and a beige flicker in the headlights, last weekend I saw how quickly and easily health and wellness can be challenged in two instants; but this time with my loved ones. As I write this, my heart accelerates, my eyes well-up a bit, and my hands slightly tremble... The prospect of a loss while we are abroad seems even more possible, if not probable. We all are fortunate that we came out healthy - this time. And I, I am immensely grateful to have avoided the derailment of this dream, and to be able to return home - mostly unscathed - to the loving hug of my wife, and the familiar tones of all members of my families' voices on the phone.

I know my gratitude is a normal part of coming through a stressful incident, but it also makes me want to share every spare moment before we leave with the friends, family, and co-workers whom I love so dearly. I feel the growing weight of diminishing time as we approach just six weeks to our departure.

With that this post was interrupted/ended as I was pulled away to literally help save a life. I love my career, and I’m gonna miss these teammates. 


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