And I used to complain about our station wagons!!!

And I used to complain about our station wagons!!!

I just wanted to let you all know that Susan and I are going on vacation for a week - an island vacation. I will be posting another blog today, but you may or may not see a post in the upcoming week. I am thinking about actively trying to not blog, but I might be more prolific than ever.  If you saw my reading list you would know that it will be difficult for me to keep all my thoughts in my head!

I am considering changing my account setup to email you the day after I post a blog. I have been more prolific lately, and I know the idea of reading more than one of my posts at a time can be daunting. Send me an email or comment on this post if you have thoughts or concerns.

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me and giving your love and support in whatever form it takes. It is all helpful and appreciated. 

Much Love,


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