Tacos, France, Japan, and Blue Polyester

First, the overflow:

I had a surprising realization this week: I am too busy again! In my defense, I love to be busy. I love projects, and doing stuff, and learning stuff. I hate sleep and think it is a waste of time. Most people think this makes me crazy, but I usually just get a little sad that it is necessary. So here is my reflection on my busyness.

When we first came to Thailand, I cleared the lunch tray that was my daily life. I left almost all of my obligations, rituals, and time demands in Chicago. I worked toward settling into my new community, and slowly put portions back on my plate. Like any good holiday feast, I found too many enticing options and squeezed as much as I could on. Here is where I often get into trouble, people start asking me to carry some food for them or I offer to carry some extra food, or some food unexpectedly flies across the room and I catch it, causing my plate (and sometimes even my tray) to overflow. This is how you undermine simplicity in as little as 5 months!

Now that I know how it keeps happening, I can try to offload the lower priorities or accept the blame for that anxious, overwhelmed feeling. Maybe if I am a little more intentional I could keep my dessert dish open (because it always ends up filled with dessert).

Another eventful week:


Oh yes, we had Taco Tuesday this week! They were about as far from authentic and we are from home, but they were still glorious!



Susan and I had the pleasure dining with some long-time donors from France who funded the building of the volunteer house. We had a nice evening of Korean barbecue and I limited myself to 2 desserts! The 87-year-old gentleman who runs the foundation had at least 17 children, prompting the common conversation of when we will be having child here. The evening basically ended with a lot of laughter and the Mother Superior telling me to get to work! Which, I found more than a little uncomfortable!


A representative from the Japanese Embassy came by to review the plans for the new building. It was a very interesting meeting to witness and hear about the funding for the building, how the plans work out, what types of updates they wanted to hear about, etc... I liked that they asked questions about this foundation’s funding sources. It makes sense that they would want to be sure the organization is a long-term concern when you are paying for a large portion of a building.

I also found out that the Japanese Ambassador will likely be attending the opening of the building. 

Alternate reality:

I find it a little surreal and intimidating to think about the people I am meeting and spending some of my time with. In a way, I feel like before we were accepted as volunteers, I already knew the story of the rest of my life. Although some of that story is probably going to be the same, I have the sense that the a lot of the story was ripped out of the book and scattered in the jet stream.

Phermsak, P.Bon, and myself!

Phermsak, P.Bon, and myself!

Blue Polyester

Oh, and many of you will love seeing me dressed in our new uniform. That’s right, I now wear a polyester, blue uniform 5 days a week. I cannot wait for Thai summer!

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