It's So Real

Dealing with the tragedies of the past week has not been easy. I cannot say whether it is harder or easier than being at home, but it is definitely different. Much of the reading I have been doing surrounds social justice throughout the world. Much of the living I have done has helped me understand marginalization.

I should share with you that there are probably only two things unique about these posts: 1) you know me so that impacts how you process my words. 2) I am having this transition or awakening in a relative vacuum here in Thailand.

Otherwise, you can expect to hear the voice of yet another white male coming to understand his privilege. How that privilege has shaped a huge portion of my life, and how I interact with the world. There are at least hundreds, hopefully thousands of thousands of men like me out there who have had nearly the same experience. I am aware that many have already written about the experience, and have likely done it more eloquently.

Much of the content I will be sharing this week has been in the works for months. I cannot keep it to myself any longer, and I can no longer try to perfect it. I am putting it out there with its imperfections and the knowledge that I have no control over what will come. But maybe, just one person will begin their journey to greater understanding because of it. That hope is more than enough for me.

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