It's Embarassing

Today, I am going to share a look back at my own history as it relates to diversity. I present this mea culpa for both your benefit and mine. I have had this prepared for some time, but have hesitated to share it on multiple occasions.

I believe that honestly putting this out there will help free myself from the fear of my reality becoming public knowledge. A history that I can justifiably be embarrassed about. So I put this out there to say I am very flawed, but I am going to try.

I am going to be honest and open to criticism. I am trying to learn and I am going to make mistakes. I can only learn from those mistakes if people point them out to me.

I can only learn from people pointing out my mistakes if I am willing to admit wrong: admitting wrong instead of the natural inclination to defensiveness, denial, justification, or excuse. And then, I can continue to imperfectly move forward.

Feel free to take this walk with me.


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