Time and goodbyes

On Time.

I have been thinking about time, and how our perception of it changes. It seems to be marching on, whether we are ready for it or not - whether or not our apartment is packed up, or I have given enough hugs to you lovely people, or I get enough items accomplished on my to-do list before we depart.

The impending departure is becoming more real every day. Our apartment already feels different, as we begin to pack up stuff and break down our Ikea-like furniture. I have started changing my permanent address. We got our vaccinations... Our current life is never going to look quite the same.

One of the biggest Goodbyes.

Well before we found Good Shepherd Volunteers (GSV) and applied to their program, I knew that I would have a hard time saying goodbye to making music in my band. Although I feel like GSV is the right path for us, it hasn't gotten any easier to say goodbye to my current place in the band. It's even harder to say goodbye to my talented bandmates, who I now consider even closer friends.

When you choose to spend two nights per week with the same people in a creative pursuit for years on end, you know it's a good thing. And we all have done the hard work to create and maintain this good thing. With my artistic background, I know that it's not easy to find a positive, creative group of people that are mutually the right fit for each other. It makes the leaving much more difficult.

You may know that I have a strong emotional side (inherited from my mother; she calls it the gift of tears, and I love that description). If you see my last performance (for now!) in the band at the Hideout on August 6th, don't be surprised if I have glistening eyes!