The current everyday

An update on the weather. It's gloriously cool out. We all wear our long-sleeved shirts or hoodies, pants, and even socks throughout the morning until it warms up. Of course, the weather isn't cold compared to back home. It's usually in the 60's at night and the 80's during the day. I joke with my coworkers at Hands of Hope that I'm a Thai now - because it feels cold to me too. One of them jokes back that she is a foreigner like me because the weather feels warmer to her, as she was sporting a dress and no leggings or sweater.

We had a busy social schedule this week. P. Bon invited us over for dinner at her new home - lots of sticky rice and this delicious fish dish that I could not stop eating. I love her granddaughter. Her current interest was tracing the alphabet in English. Another evening found us at the convent, which always is filled with laughter and remarks that I would not expect out of nuns.

In anticipation of the big Christmas Outreach party in a couple of weeks, I have been upping the number of music therapy sessions with the patients, so they can be ready to sing and play two songs (a 200% increase from last year).

A follow-up note to the patient of whom we wrote last week, who had cryptococcal meningitis. She did indeed pass away this week, thankfully surrounded by her family members. Please keep her family and her nine-year-old daughter in your thoughts and prayers.

My favorite part of my daily bike ride to Hands of Hope

I'm looking forward to the weekend, where John and I will spend our first night away since we have been back. We'll be in downtown Nongkhai and get some photo-taking and bike rides in.

Lauren has been busy working on a new website for Hands of Hope, so I have been preparing and gathering ideas and inspiration for the producers for our annual design workshop next week. Hands of Hope has 499 original designs since 2005. I'm looking forward to what else we come up with next week.

Until then-- pop gohn mai! (see you later)

An unexpectedly stunning view from our bike ride this week